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We offer editing and Japanese to English translations for presentations.


Presentation Editing

This plan involves editing PowerPoint slides and oral manuscript.


Presentation Translation

This plan offers a translation of your Japanese PowerPoint slides and oral manuscript.




Presentation Rewrite

With this plan, the ProEditor makes an active effort to minimize lengthy sentence usage on the presentation slides.


Presentation Commentary

It is often helpful to get a different perspective on your presentation to make sure that your ideas and data are effectively portrayed. To this end, we offer a Presentation Commentary.


Presentation Package

We offer a Presentation Package to improve the quality of your presentation. This package will enable you to give a presentation with the most impact.


Our Presentation Package includes:


  • Presentation Editing(or Translation)
  • Presentation Rewrite
  • Presentation Commentary


Package discount: ¥7,500 off total price(1,000 words~) / ¥5,000 off total price(0~999 words)


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